Sunday, March 4, 2012

digital painting

I installed the CS5 suite on my computer today and was having fun experimenting with digital painting. Painting on the computer is great because there is no clean up! This year,  my goal is to teach myself Adobe Illustrator (yeah it's kind of pathetic I don’t know it yet).  I’m hoping once I learn it, I will be able to submit to more Minted challenges and build up the stationary side of my portfolio. wish me luck!


Lisa Matthews said...

yay! im so excited you got cs5:) how awesome. if you need any help w illustrator let me know-im no expert but i'm trying to get better at it as well. these birds are lovely, keep up the good work!

Melissa said...

thanks so much lisa! i may just have some questions for you :)

aneela said...

I find it really funny that our goals are the exact opposite! I love illustrator and can use the pen tool wicked fast to create an element for a pattern but Im so slow and have no idea how to turn my watercolor patterns into seamless patterns...I wish you luck and if you still have any trouble let me know!