Monday, January 17, 2011

FP Behind the Scenes

I created these little prototypes as a packaging option for a 3 pack of panties. We ended up going with a different idea so I thought I would share some pretty things from the reject pile.
The new panty packaging should be in stores February, I’ll post a pic once I see the final product!

Watercolor & Photoshop, 2010
Courtesy of Free People

PS - If anyone has any tips on how to make my images larger, please do tell! I cannot seem to figure this out


Linda said...

I like your new blog banner~

LAUREN said...

When you upload the image, if you click on it there should be a lower bar that shows with small, medium, large and x-large... I usually use large or x-large then 'edit HTML' find the width and input 600 or 560.. you kinda have to play around with it. I hope that helped!!

I think you concepts were great!! Love seeing your work!